Introducing MantaRay

MantaRay LogoMantaRay was designed to automate processing forensic images, directories and individual files with open source tools. With support for numerous image formats, this tool provides a scalable base to utilize open source and custom exploitation tools. MantaRay was developed by two forensic analysts, Doug Koster and Kevin Murphy. With more than 25 years of collective experience in computer forensics, they have created a formidable program designed for the bulk automation of repetitive forensic processes. Utilizing the work of some of the great open source developers (in no particular order) such as Brian Carrier, Harlan Carvey, Simson Garfinkel, Kris Kendall, Jesse Kornblum, Nick Mikus, Kristinn Guðjóns and Joachim Metz the tool provides a one-stop shop of highly valuable tools. Additionally, the MantaRay team is working to provide new groundbreaking additions to these open source tools. The first of which is the automated registry recovery and processing tool. These are some of the open source tools MantaRay automates: